Sensational Seventh Grade Science!

Ms. Thornton 

7th Grade Syllabus

7th Grade Science

Classroom Expectations

Flinn Scientific Safety Contract

3rd Nine Weeks: Chemistry

Atomic Models Power Point

Parts of an Atom Power Point

Inspirational Videos

212 Degrees

212 Degree Message

Moonshot Thinking

Michael Jordan Nike Commercial

Hard Work Gatorade Song


Element, Compound, and Mixture Games

Mixture Study Guide

Periodic Table of Elements Power Point

Periodic Table of the Elements Games, Element Songs, Types of Reactions, and Balancing Chemical Reactions

Cell Power Point

Cell Information and Games

1st and 2nd Nine Weeks: Physics                                                                                                                              





4th Nine Weeks: Life Science

Cell Analogy Project

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Games


Metric System Basics Power Point

Metric Games

Scientific Method Notes

Scientific Method games and Science Fair

Claim Evidence Reason Power Point





Animal Adaptations Power Point

Endangered Animal Websites

Food Chains

Natural Selection Games

Nervous System Games and Video

Force Power Point

Force and Motion Games


Extra Resources: Earth Science

Characteristics of a Wave Power Point

Wave Labs and Videos


Constructive and Destructive Forces Games

Constructive/Destructive Forces Study Guide

Heat Labs and Games

Light Labs and Games

Sound Labs and Games



Rock Study Guide

Moon Power Point

Moon Games

Solar Eclipse Power Point

Ocean Currents and Climate Power Point

Ocean Current and Climate Games

Electromagnetism Labs and Games

Analog and Digital Information and Videos


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Extra Resources: Life Science

Classification of Organisms Power Point

Mitosis Power Point

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