Cells, Tissues, and Organs

1. How big is a Cell

2. Animal Cell Parts

3. Plant Cell Parts

4. Plant and Animal Cells

5. Build a Plant or Animal Cell

6. Virtual Cell

7. Control of the Cell Cycle

8. Microscope of E. Coli, Pollen, and a Euglena

9. Cell Jeopardy

10.Looking Inside Cells

11. Build A Cell

12. Cell Matching Game

13. Homeostasis

14. Controlling Temperature



1. Genes Review

2. Interactive DNA




1. Mitosis Thrillionaire Game

2. The Cell Cycle and Mitosis Tutorial with Animations

3. Mitosis Quiz

4. Plant Cell Cycle Matching

5. Animal Cell Cycle Matching

6. Mitosis Animation and Quiz

7. Mitosis Rap

8. The Cell Cycle Game

9. Meiosis Animation and Quiz

10. How Cells Divide


Flowers/ Punnett Squares

1. Flower Parts

2. Practice Quiz for Mendel's Genetics

3. Mendel's Experiments


Mitosis Internet Lesson

1. Cells Alive

2. Another Mitosis Animation

3. Onion Root Tip Online Activity

4. Mitosis in Whitefish and Onion Roots