Force and Motion

1.  Friction Game

2. Speed and Velocity

3. Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion

4. Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion

5. Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion

6. Review of Newton’s Laws

7. Three Laws of Motion Quiz

8. Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion Game

9. Motion Madness Game

10. Laws of Motion Challenge Board

11. What happens when two things collide experiment

12. Why gravity causes things to fall


Rollercoaster Websites

1. Amusement Park Physics- Read the introduction and then select the roller coaster link

2. How do roller coasters work?

3. Go to Funderstanding and create your roller coaster prototype before you build it in class to test it out

4. Fear of Physics Design a Rollercoaster Activity

5. My Physics Lab Design a Rollercoaster Activity

6. Disney Design a Rollercoaster

7. Build a Rollercoaster Game

8. Fetch Whoahler Coaster- check your potential versus kinetic energy