Periodic Table of Elements

and Element Games


1. Web Elements Periodic Table

2. Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

3. Periodic Table of the Elements 2 

4. Element Matching Game

5. Element Math Game

6. Quia Element Matching

7. Proton Don

8. Periodic Table of Elements Study Jam

9. Atoms: Protons, Neutrons, and Electron Study Jam

10. The Element Song 

11. The Quark Dance Song

12.Label All the Families on the Periodic Table

13.Element Games- 5 levels, practice by name or symbol


Types of Chemical Reaction Practice Websites

1.Reaction Identification Practice

2.Classifying Chemical Reactions

3.Chemical Reaction Classification Quiz

4.Chemistry : Types of Chemical Reactions

5.Types of Reactions

6.Chemical Reactions: Chain Reaction Quiz


Balancing Chemical Equations

1.Balancing Act

2.Balancing Chemical Equations Introduction and Game

3.Funbased Learning Chembalancer and Element Quiz