Rock Study Guide



1. How does a rock become sediment?





2. What kind of scientist studies the earth and rocks?





How does it form?






What does the name mean?



How does it form?






What does the name mean?



How does it form?






What does the name mean?















3. List the layers of the earth:














4._______________ Molten flowing rock above earth’s surface.


5.________________ Molten liquid rock below earth’s surface.


This part of the core causes the magnetic field on the Earth.

6. The ______ is made of melted and solid rock.


7. The ______ moves about 2inches per year building up a lot of pressure that may result in an earthquake.


8._______________ describes how rocks change continuously.




Tell whether the following are sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic.  You will use these more than once.


9.________Rocks arranged in layers.


10.________Basalt, granite, and pumice are examples.


11.________When rock undergoes heat and pressure it becomes this rock.


12.________Sediments that have compacted and cemented become this rock.


13.________ Slate, marble, and quartzite are examples of this type of rock.


14.________ Limestone, shale, sandstone, and coal are examples of this type of rock.


15.________When molten rock cools and hardens either above or below the surface it              becomes a form of this rock.


16.________ Contains fossils that help scientists learn about the past.


17.________Can be intrusive or extrusive.



Explain the Rock Cycle.