1. General Information about Rocks

2. Sedimentary Rocks 2

3. Igneous Rocks 2

4. Igneous Rock Crystallization Animations

5. Metamorphic Rocks 2

6. Rock Groups

7. Rock Types

8. Rock Cycle 2

9.What Type of Rock do I Have?

10. Rock Cycle 4

11. Interactive Rock Cycle and Test

12. Rock Cycle Game - easy

13. Rock Cycle Game- hard

14. Rock Cycle Study Jam

15. What Rock is That?

16. Three Types of Rocks Self Check Quiz

17. Rock Cycle Song

18. The Rock Family Song

19. What Type of Rock do I Have?

20. Rock Identification

21. Who Am I Rock Game



1. Fossil Animation

2. Fossil Questions and Answers 

3. Fossils- Now and Then

4. What is a Fossil?

5. Stories from the Fossil Record 

6. Fossil Videos and Animations

7. Fossils- Burying Bodies-see the conditions needed to become a fossil

8.Mold and Cast Fossil Animation

9.Using Index Fossils: Begin with the Rock Layer Formation mode to watch how the rock layers formed with various organisms fossilizing in the different layers.  Then go to to Identify Rock Layers mode.  Click and drag the different colored squares on to to the correct rock layers by using the index fossils to determine the relative age of each rock layer.

10. Index Fossils


1. Coprolite- Fossilized Dung

2. What is a coprolite? How do you know your looking at one?

3. The World's Most Famous Dung

4. Detectives into the Past Game

5. Who Dung It Game

 Geologic Time

1. Geologic Time

2. The Sands of Time

3. Geology : Plate Tectonics

4. WEB Geological Time Machine

5. Enchanted learning Geologic Time

6. Rock Layers : Timeline of Life on Earth

7. Before the Dinosaurs: The Coal- Age Monsters

8. Geologic Time Stories


Carbon Dating 

1. How Carbon-14 Dating Works

2. Radioactive Half Life Game

3. Relative Rock Layers

4.Dating Rock Layers