Study Guide for Element, Compounds and Mixtures


Directions: Match the following words to their definition


1. Mixture Does not appear to be the same throughout

2. Element One- or two letter representation of an element

3. Atom Contains two or more substances

4. Chemical Symbol The smallest part of an element

5. Heterogeneous Appears to be the same throughout

6. Homogeneous Contains one kind of atom

7. Compound Made up of two or more elements chemically combined

8. Physical Change Change in which new kinds of matter are formed

9. Molecule Two or more atoms chemically combined

10. Chemical Change Change observed without changing matter

11. Name four methods that can be used to separate a mixture.






12. Name five elements and two compounds.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 2.


13. In what way does a compound differ from an element?




14. How can a heterogeneous mixture be recognized?




15. Compare and contrast physical and chemical changes.



16. Substances that make up a mixture are ____________ combined.


17. Substances that make up a mixture________ their own properties once they are combined to form a mixture.


Label the following as physical or chemical changes


18. Ice melting____________

19. Milk souring____________

20. Chocolate melting________

21. Iron rusting____________

22. Vinegar and baking soda reacting____________

23. Boiling water_____________

24. Burning paper_____________

25. Ripping a piece of paper__________


Label the following as an Element, Compounds, and Mixtures

26. Iron__________

27. Trail Mix_______

28. Oxygen________

29. Water_________

30. Salad Dressing_________

31. Pepsi________________

32. Carbon_________

33. Air_________

34. Ink_________

35. Helium_______